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  1. Wes House says:


    How can I make a 3D scan with a microsoft kinect and convert it to a format such that I can import it into inventor or autocad and take measurements from it?


    • Choffman says:

      There are a variety of programs which allow you to scan with the Kinect. I have videos showing Skanect, and ReconstructMe, and there are a few other alternatives out there. Its simply plug in your kinect, start the program, and start scanning.

      There are a few limitations, the kinect doesn’t work well scanning objects smaller than your palm, the larger the object the better with the Kinect. I actually haven’t compared a scan to the real object, so I’m not sure if the resulting scan is perfectly 1:1. I have a feeling its close, but can’t confirm just how close.

      I work mostly with Solidworks, but I think inventor and autocad can also import the STL files that those scanning programs produce. The programs also export as .OBJ or .PLY, so see if inventor/autodesk can import those.

      If you just want measurements, then I’d recommend the free program MeshMixer. It works with the .STL files, and have decent measuring tools. Atleast compared to Solidworks, Meshmixer works much better with the .STLs.

  2. Ali says:

    hello bro..

    i have too much question about my 3d printer prusa i3v can you give me your number or skype ? could you help me bro please ? i cant fix calibration :(

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