Best Free Cad Programs – DesignSpark Mechanical

I have been a big fan of trying out different CAD software. Its seems like every one that I try offers something new and interesting to the table, and I love that. Recently, a free program called DesignSpark Mechanical has been introduced to me, and I have falled deeply, deeply in love.

First, lets talk about what makes DesignSpark Mechanical different. It’s CAD approach is called Direct Modeling. As opposed to the parametric CAD of programs like Solidworks, where you CAD with fully dimensioned 2D sketches that are extruded into 3D shapes, Direct Modeling is based on the paradigm that you should be able to manipulate a 3D design directed in 3D space. If you want to change the dimension of a face, you simply select that face and move it to the new dimension that you want. Want to make a flat face sloped instead? Again, just click and drag how you want. No more history of sketches that you have to shift through, no more worrying that changing a sketch made at the beginning will destroy all your hard work.

It is really something that you should see in action to get the whole experience, so check out the video above to watch me showcase some of the awesome features.. And feel free to try it out yourself! Download it here, today!

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