Octoprint Timelapse Test – 3D Printed Mass Effect Salarian

I recently purchased a Raspberry Pi and installed Octoprint, and my 3D printing life has never been better. Octoprint is an open source web interface for your 3D printer. It allows for remote control of your printer over the internet, as well as video streaming from a webcam. And, its light weight enough to run on a raspberry pi!

So I wanted to give Octoprint a try. There is a convenient raspbian install of it, called Octopi, which is an image of the raspbian OS, and everything you need to get Octoprint up and running. About an hour later, I had everything installed and hooked up to my printer.

One of the awesome things about Octoprint is its automatic timelapse feature. When a webcam (or raspberry pi camera) is connected, you can tell octoprint to take a picture every X seconds, or a picture each z-axis layer change. So I printed this Salarian from Mass Effect. and told octoprint to make a timelapse!

I like the results. Octoprint makes it easy to monitor and record your prints!

-Christopher Hoffman

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