How to dry out your 3D Printer filament

Living in Florida, humidity is just a fact of life. And while I’ve grown to accept humidity, my 3D printer filament has not. These plastics (PLA especially, but ABS as well) love to absorb any moisture in the air. When the filament is extruded, however, this moisture turns into steam and expands dramatically. This leaves many tiny bubbles in the extruded plastic, ruining the surface finish and print quality.

If this happens to your filament, not all is lost! There is an easy way to dry out your filament, and get it printing like it was brand-new. Watch the video above to see my technique!

Do you have a favorite way to dry out your filament? Leave suggestions in the comments below!


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  1. Jim Pate says:

    I picked up a food dehydrator to dry out filament before use. It has a big hole in the lid that i partially cover to control temps and it works great.

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