Why I Love 3D Printing

Over the weekend I removed the hotend from my 3d printer, and noticed that the fan shroud was starting to touch the hot end. The bottom of the shroud was burnt, and rather than risk starting a fire, I decided it was time to replace it. Luckily, I have a 3d printer, so I used the printer to print a replacement part… for the printer. This is why I love 3D printing. Not nessessarily because you can print its own parts, but its the fact that there are so many possibilities for its use. I didn’t have to run down to a store to by a replacement part, I didn’t have to create a mold and cast a new part, I didn’t have to wait a week for a part to ship. I simply found the original model, sliced it, and an hour later I had the new one bolted on and functional.

Welcome to the future!

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