FlatMinis – 3D Printed D&D Miniatures

I am often trying to figure out ways to combine my hobbies. 3D printing is a great hobby to have, because the potential to mix it with other interests is almost unlimited. While browsing thingiverse, I came across the Flatminis collection by Grumpyrobot, a collection of 3d printable figures for use in tabletop RPGs.

Luckily, some friends and I were planning a single-shot campaign for the weekend, so I quickly downloaded those figures and printed them for the 15+ people that were playing. These designs are amazing, the figure, base and accessories are all printed separately. Once printed, you simply insert the figure into the base, and you are ready to go! To make the connection more secure, I used some ABS Slurry to glue them in place.

The weekend went off without a hitch. Well, by ‘without a hitch’, i mean ‘a TPK of one of the groups’, but that is to be expected when I DM.

Anyways, give the Flatminis by Grumpyrobot a try, you will not be disappointed. He is even still adding to this collection, so check back every so often for new content!

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