Meownster – Ludum Dare 33

Ludum Dare is a 72-hour video game jam held three times a year. The goal is to make an entire video game over the course of a weekend, which the community then plays and gives ratings/feedback on. The quality of most of the submissions are incredible, you can hardly believe that they were created is such a short amount of time.

My game is not of those games, but it was still a blast. Each Ludum Dare has a different theme voted on by the community before the competition, and this theme was “You are the monster”. I formed a team with some of my coworkers, and we got started creating a game involving your typical house cat. You know, the kind where all they want to do is destroy everything in the house without making too much noise and alerting the owner.

We used Unity as the game engine. Unity 3D is an amazing program which makes designing, coding, and scripting video games very straight forward. It is also free to use, as long as your company doesn’t make over $100,000 annually with games created using it.

This was my first time creating any kind of video game, so it was a weekend of learning. Figured out how sprite animations work, how to create scripts to handle player controls, and how to have objects break when hit with external forces.

It was a lot of fun. Keep an eye open for the next Ludum Dare, and make a video game!

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